Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marvellous Maldon in March. On a Motorcycle.

Mine eyes have seen the glory.  Of sunshine through bleached, post-summer grass.  Of blue skies on an endless Sunday.  Sweeping hundreds of kilometeres on a vintage-style motorcycle.  Weaving, wandering, meandering. 

After hours of this I sat in Maldon drinking coffee and eating a pastry.  I watched 1920s cars struggle past.  There was a glorious vibrancy in the air, and it felt so good to be alive.

Yes, I felt so fortunate to be alive.  To be an Australian in the 21st century, with freedoms and pleasures which few have tasted and which the world has barely afforded.  Riding my motorcycle through an endless summer in central Victoria.

On and on, riding, drinking coffee, musing.  Awash in the changing colours. 

That was the last Sunday in March, 2014.

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