Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A ride to Ruffy

My new riding partner Em is still waiting to get her first bike, and so contented herself with taking her first ride into the countryside on the back of mine.  We rode to the Ruffy Store on a glowing Autumn day.

She took quite a number of photos of me.  Because I usually do not have photos of myself, I will add them here.

I am thoroughly looking forward to more riding, even as the season changes for the colder.  I feel such a hunger for it.  I was so physically tired, and yet so emotionally refreshed, after a full day spent out on the motorcycle.


  1. What a nice outing. I am sure that Em will enjoy it just the same once she has her bike. What's she going to get?

  2. Is that a W650 by any chance? Greetings from UK.

  3. Sonja, something that is cheap. Very cheap. I'm suggesting an old XT250- something reliable by virtue of its simplicity, cheap parts, and which can be placed on cheap historical registration here.

    Walter, indeed, a W650 (with old saddle bags off a BSA. Now and then I go over the "BSA" with a black permanent marker.) Greetings. Enjoy your coming summer.

  4. Such a great introduction to day riding. Looking forward to many more.