Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maldon in October

A six hour jaunt took me to Maldon last Sunday. Again the sun was shining, and the afternoon was glorious. I stopped for lunch on the Burke and Wills Track, where I sat in peaceful silence on the grass, before taking these photos and then riding off into the sweet scent of Spring.


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Em and I rode to Stieglitz two weeks ago.  It is an old, largely abandoned gold town. To get there we rode through the Brisbane Ranges, entering at the northern tip via back roads. The landscape shifted multiple times. It reminded me of the Mallee in places, with stunted cacti lining the roads. Further on, as we travelled a high dirt road, it had an alpine feel, with low-lying scrub. Then we emerged on to long, sweeping, fast sealed roads hedged by great pines and looking over glittering reservoirs of water.

Arriving at Steiglitz, we happened upon a meeting of classic motorcycles. There were many old Bonnevilles, a Norton Atlas, BSA Spitfire, and a range of other bikes.

The day was gloriously sunny and we explored the roads behind the town, across old bridges and past old huts.

Em took photos of me but would not allow them of her. After this we rode back to Melbourne, which was not very far, arriving in daylight and much refreshed by these pleasures just west of the city.