Saturday, March 22, 2014

Autumn Motorcycle in the Yarra Valley

Em and I went for a brief ride through the Yarra Valley yesterday.  It was the sort of day that includes rain and sunshine, a day emerging from summer into winter.  'Emerging' sounds like an odd word, as though only appropriate when going in the other direction - winter emerging into summer - however that logic hides a value, a claim that summer is positive and winter negative.  This is not the case.  Winter on a motorcycle is wonderful.

It was cold-ish, but when one is rugged up properly and hence warm, then there is nothing so nice as making an easy pace past giant ferns, through an increasingly green landscape.  I look forward to winter out here.  To cold rainy days when there is nobody on the road and a pub lunch awaits, beside an open fire.

The pictures below may seem a little repetitive in their number but I will include them all because I like them so much.  They are a photographic view that I can never achieve on my own (it took Em, sitting behind me, with her iPhone).

Chum Creek Road:

Friends were to be found along the way.

King Lake National Park road.  Fantastic!

Em dropped her phone just after the photo below.  But we retrieved it and no harm was done.

Chum Creek Road was so good that we did it twice.

My enthusiasm grows for more regular motorcycle adventures.  I have been quiet here for the last year, but I plan to get in a big ride at least once a fortnight from now on, and to update this blog more often.  In the meantime, keep an eye out here for my other writing.

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