Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Spring Riding

I rode with my friend Rosy today, on a route I have done several times recently: to Yea. Initially I wanted to try different roads, but I am suffering insomnia and only had a few hours sleep. When early in the trip I rounded a corner on the center line, to be confronted with oncoming traffic, I saw the wisdom in sticking to a well-known route when fatigued.

I didn not take many photos, but let me tell you the SR was so much fun to ride today. I was awash in sun and wind and speed through the corners, and like a shower they woke me up. And so I did not baby the bike compared to usual, but pushed the revs up higher, sliding my bum back, knees tucked in, leaning down and clinging to the bars in an old-time race-style, taking every tight corner at the speed limit. There is more power up high, but still a low blaring of the exhaust like in those black and white movies of vintage racing.

Here is Rosy at Yea, and below are some photos of us from further along the way.

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