Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Dought has Broken?

The road today between Wallan and Romsey was a dance of massive sweepers. I hit them at top speed, banking the SR over like a Spitfire diving into action, firing a percussive blast from the exhaust.

And so on the Burke and Wills Track I joined my SR to a series of past photos of the Hornet, and GR650, at the sight of Australia's first home-built aeroplane flight.

I didn't have a map and did not plan where I was going - I meant to turn east below Lake Eppalock, but found myself instead on those wonderful lakeside roads. Sandy edges broke into sparse forest; this place always evoke summer.

At the Lake Eppalock kiosk I stopped for lunch, then decided to look at the lake. Last time I was here in May there was very little water. Below is a photo, quite a distance into the old lake bed, looking down into the final crater.

But today when I rounded the turn from the kiosk I was gobsmacked to immediately face water. The lake has gone from almost nothing to 80 per cent! It was almost frightening. Those roads I had ridden, and that ride I promised to do out to an island, are now under water.

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