Sunday, August 29, 2010

Yay, a ride to Yea!

My riding seems to follow unintended patterns, each one persisting for a time before I move on to a different inclination. Last summer the dominant pattern was twelve hour riding days, exploring southern NSW or Victoria's Mallee, before riding home from Bendigo after dark. Last winter I would find myself continually riding home in rain and blinding headlights, wondering at my stupidity.

This winter I seem to be enjoying 'the short ride'. Five to six hours of pleasure which leaves me never far from Melbourne when dusk comes - I am usually home before dark. Today Marlon and I rode via Kinglake to Yea for lunch. Afterwards we rode to Whittlesea then south through apple orchards to Hurstbridge and home. We rode with a fellow we met in the street recently, Jason, who rides a beautiful 2009 Triumph Bonneville. I looked on with envy, and wondered why it is that I ride more than most people I know but have worse bikes than everybody else (that is, not the bikes I most desire). Of course, the reason I ride more and do so on lesser bikes is because I work less, and so have more time to ride and less money to buy things.  I am happy with my choice.  Give me my freedom and the cheap old SR500 any day!

I don't take photos of myself on my rides, so today I will post two photos only, both of me.

I think I might some day purchase a Triumph Bonneville. Here is Jason with his:

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