Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kustom Lane Gallery

Because I have been feeling off-colour I decided not to ride this week. Instead I cruised across some suburbs with my friends Marlon and James, to Kustom Lane Gallery in Hawthorn to see their annual exhibition, Choppers n Bobbers.

Getting there involved some problems, because James rides a 1973 Czechoslovakian motorcycle. When we first pulled over, I pointed to a bolt sitting loose on top of the CZ175's engine, and James said it was nothing. But apparently if did in fact matter whether the carburretor was bolted together.

Marlon was cruel, and recorded the whole thing.

The bike show was a mix of nice and tasteful customs, gaudy christmas trees, and paintings and prints.

I had gastro earlier in the week and was unsure whether I should display this.

Some of the paintings and prints were very good.

From there we made our way home, James to football and beers, Marlon and I to a bottle of red.

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