Sunday, November 10, 2013

Time for tea

My good friend Damien and I went for a ride on Saturday.   It was raining and he wanted to retreat to the loungeroom but I would have none of it, and so we slipped and wound our way through the Dandenongs.  At Olinda we stopped for a roast lunch.  Following that Damien was not satiated, and so he ordered Devonshire tea.  We discussed our writing projects for a time (see here for mine, Damien's involve writing Apps, one of which is proving quite successful) before setting off again.   A silly and pleasant afternoon jaunt.   The pleasure was increased by the fact that Damien rides my old Yamaha SR500.   It was nice to have the SR and W650 together and to take turns riding each.

Damien just emailed me a photo from almost a decade ago of he and I out riding together when the SR was relatively new to me.  This was before he lost his license for 18 months and a week later crashed his Triumph Sprint (in the background).  The other bike, the Honda Hornet, belonged to my friend Adam, who is taking the photograph.  It is the one that I later purchased from him and rode for 18 months on this blog, while the SR sat with a stripped drive shaft.

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