Sunday, November 3, 2013

Golden Flashes

Shining days.  Glorious.  Motor cycling through magic landscapes, explosions of light through the green. 


That was last Saturday.  Lunch on the lawn of the bush-church at Caveat.  Devoid of others, just the lowing cattle to keep me company.

Coming upon an old school-house and church. 


These places make me so happy.


  1. Hi Mat,
    Saw you at Caveat outside the church (we were the two older ladies). Good to see you contemplating there, away from the mad rush of Melbourne. Nice to see your photo's.
    Ride On!!

    1. Ha! What a small world the online world is.

      It was a pleasure to speak to your sister and you. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend (and that my directions to Ruffy were not too vague). It's such a marvelous area out there, is it not?

  2. It's hard for me to fathom that such places really exist. I've just been pointed to your blog, by the way, and am enjoying it very much. Now I'll have to pencil in the Melbourne area for a future biking holiday!