Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tasmania - exploring the surrounds

Yesterday and today I spent my time exploring roads along the bays surrounding Cygnet.  Yesterday it was the western side: Lymington, Wattles Grove, Glaziers Bay and up to Huonville, then back to Cygnet for lunch.  Below is Port Cygnet.  Later in the day we took out a new plywood boat that Dad's father-in-law has just finished building.

Today I travelled the other side: down via Verona Sands and up to Woodbridge.  I rode slowly and stopped frequently.  

 The best part, to my mind, was Randalls Bay and Eggs and Bacon Bay, bodies of water that were pure and calm.  Not even the lap of quiet waves could be perceived at Randalls Bay.


Further along and I saw this island sat out in the middle, with a great hole through the centre:


I enjoyed lunch near Woodbridge, then turned around and travelled back the way I had come, albeit at a spirited pace, overtaking cars in a joyful cry of high revs and great speed.  I had coffee in Cygnet across from my old school, watching the parents pick up their children and wondering whether any of these people were old classmates of mine.  I then returned to the road again and this time travelled the route on the other side of the hills to Nicholls Rivulett - Woodbridge Hill Road - which was fantastic.  A combination of England and Australia.  These roads were all, yesterday and today, empty for the most part.  From Woodbridge I travelled my now favourite road - Nicholls Rivulett Road - back home.

As I arrived into Nicholls Rivulett I was surrounded by a thick smoke and it emerged that there were several bush fires about.  My Dad's wife arrived home half an hour later to tell how she had just evacuated her friend's house at Franklin with the flames only 100 meters away.

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