Saturday, February 9, 2013

Port Arthur

I slept poorly last night.  I dreamed a drowning dream: that I was flailing in the water, unable to swim, my weight pulling me down.  The shore was right there beside me and on it a man stood, almost above me, and to him I reached out my hand imploring him to save me.  But he simply stepped back, cold-faced, letting me sink.  As the water covered my vision and filled my lungs I realised that I recognised his face: it was mine. 

I awoke at 6AM and spent several hours unable to sleep but too tired to rise.

Today I went riding for the first time with my step-brother, Daniel.  I hope that this is the first of numerous two-wheeled adventures we might share in the coming years.   

We visited some magnificent scenes of foaming ocean crashing against ancient rocks.



Tonight I took some photos of the visitors who frequent Dad's lawn every night:

And some video of the peace that descends here at night fall. 

From Dad's verandah...

And looking about....

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