Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The first rite of spring

Today was a glorious day.  Blue sky and sun, a temperate air.  Even as I sit here writing at 1AM the back door beside me is open, and I have just finished a night-time cruise through the city on the Bullet in goggles and a pudding basin helmet, such is the hint of the warmth.  But today's journey was made astride the fast and capable W650.  What a wonderful motorcycle!  Perfect in its power, character, beauty.

That photo is just beyond Caveat.  I rode to my favourite places, beyond Highlands, on empty roads past utopian farm houses.

I rode where ever I fancied.

I had no map to guide me as I followed unknown paths down to rivers, creeks and quiet places.

All the while the sunshine was my companion, harbinger of a golden Spring.  Herald of sun-bleached paddocks in Summer.  And of who I am yet to be: may selves in motion that are yet to come.


  1. Sigh! Beautiful. Let the spring begin!

  2. Matt, I take it from your ride posts/pics that you have somehow traveled back in time to an era where there aren't many buildings or cars. Photos from colonial days and the old country come to mind.