Friday, August 3, 2012

A few more faces from the Broken Hill Rally

Just to steal some other people's photos - as I rode up and back alone (the Melbourne mob proceeded me by a day in both directions) my photos are rather self-centered.  Here are some of the others on the trip:

At the Coombah Roadhouse, with the Chair of Despair (COD):

And Sophie Whiptank, rider of the COD:

Norm, whom you've met on this blog before, when I joined him and Don on my SR500, who is Mr Fix-it for us sorry lads on stupid bikes:

Ant, founder of the club and blower-upper of bikes.  In desperation he took a 250 Suzuki to Broken Hill.  The gear box blew on the way back.

Don, after taking drugs?

Fred, the 79yo who rode his English Royal Enfield, a 500 Meteor, from Taree.  Fred got his first Royal Enfield 65 years ago.

At Gus' production-line multiple-shed mini-Triumph-restoration factory:

On the Saturday before I arrived:

There's a few rallies coming up on the calendar.  First of all, I believe I might be riding my Bullet with these lads into the Mallee soon on a semi-informal rally.  And then there's the AGM a few hundred kms away, for which again the Bullet will hit the road.  But two weeks before that the SR500 Club has its annual Rally in Bethanga, for which I might also ride the Bullet just to be stupid (it's a W650 task, really) following this regular's lead - a bike whose owner spends his time on it attending rallies up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia:

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