Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Old Motorcycle Safety Films

Today I handed over the cheque for a new motorcycle. I will pick it up in a few days when the shop has organised the registration, which is more complicated because it is a grey import. More on that soon, with photos. But for now:

Here are a few old motorcycle safety videos which I have enjoyed watching.  The style of riding - with "smooth elegance" - is something I try to emulate when I am in the mood, and something which I think I should 'put' myself in the mood for more often.  

This first film is Australian.

These three are British (though the third is actually Continental with British narration).

Here are some American examples, the first starring Peter Fonda:

When embedded in the blog, these films are cut off at the edges. It's worth clicking on their titles and viewing them on Youtube, preferably with an expanded screen.


  1. These videos are interesting! You know, I think having these road safety tips featured in film, TV, or advertisement can be a very effective way of attracting and persuading bikers to follow these safety guidelines and become fully aware of their importance. In riding a bike, safety must always be the first thing to consider, no matter how skilled and professional the driver is.

    Clare Westby

  2. Old safety videos are really interesting! The voice of the narrator never fails to crack me up. Glad that people were able to upload these vids on Youtube. It's fascinating to see how different people keep themselves safe when riding motorcycles. Now in modern times, there are so many motorcycle protective gears that can be worn such as my favorite Kevlar jeans . Anyway, thanks for sharing!