Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Saturday

Last Saturday I braced myself against the cold to enjoy the winter sun. It was a simple afternoon ride, consisting of the same route there and back: up to King Lake and on to Healesville via Chum Creek Road, and return. I have received a 'flip up' helmet, a full face helmet with a chin bar that swings over to the back to make an open face helmet when desired, and I put it to use. The low temperature forbade proper enjoyment - it is a summer device - but immediately I felt more in touch with the elements. I have been deliberating of late over whether to ride with a full or open face - my preference shifts contingent on my sense of the conditions, in terms of safety and temperature - but this helmet gives me the choice in the moment.


  1. Hi Matt, I quite enjoy your Blog, please keep writing when life allows. I used to live in central Victoria (now in QLD) and your writing brings all the old rides and roads of my youth back to life.

  2. Hi Troy. No worries about that. Partly I'm lying low while otherwise busy, in the knowledge that when Craig the bike builder returns and helps me make the Virago ready as a highway tourer, that I'm going to do some wonderful big rides - I can feel the desire to really stretch my legs quietly growing inside me, and the western - W, SW, NW - beckons. In the meantime I've collected parts - carburettor manifolds, diaphragms, jets; saddle bags, a bench seat - all ready to complete the XV tourer to make this happen.

  3. I find riding in the winter quite enjoyable. I own the road, not many cars or bikes around, it feels actually much safer to ride...
    Kudos to you that you got out there!