Sunday, June 12, 2011

Winter sun again

Today I rode the SR500 through King Lake, then through Flowerdale and on to Strath Creek where I had lunch. Then I made northwards on back roads to Trawool, to Tallarook snaking along by the river, then to Pyalong, then Emu Flat. All the while I rode into the low winter sun, shielding my eyes. It was a fantastic series of empty single-lane roads, twisting and sweeping through the green of paddocks and light bush, studded with ancient granite boulders. And everything, absolutely everything, was bathed in constant sunlight which broke into cold lucid spectrums of colour. It was so good that at Emu Flat I decided to turn around and do it all again, the other way, this time with the precious sun at my back. At Glenaroua I made southwards to Broadford, stopped to feel the cold, then made off as dusk enclosed me.

1 comment:

  1. Good stuff Matt, I had a chilly ride this weekend to.