Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cruise to Noojee

These groovy cats couldn't care less what happens in an office, that's really not their bag. Like, gettin' up late on a Friday and riding wherever a road goes, that's it man, ya dig? Marlon and me we found a happening scene in Noojee, after twisting our minds on twisty roads. Early on I shoulda split but, like, I didn't. Those hills were dark coming back, man, pretty dark, but the worst darkness is in the mind!

During the week I found a wild scene, here, and you gotta dig it too. But don't let it split your mind. Just turn the sound up.


  1. Lots of good roads and trails between YJ and warragul & the cops dont seem to be hounding it like other areas.

    If you're in that neck of the woods again I highly recommended "paternoster rd" sort of between Gembrook and emerald, its short but has a killer corkscrew & fits in well with a Gembrook-launching place run.

    Great Blog

  2. Awesome Blog. Well written and poetic, I might add. Your musings remind me of a book I read 13-14 years ago 'Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance'.

    Some info abt the book is here -

    Keep Riding and Keep Writing. I recently purchased a Yamaha V-Star 650 as well and will be riding to some of the areas you go to. Kinglake, Hurstbridge and Warrandyte areas have been a favorite of mine for a long time and every time I've driven there, I've always dreamed of riding a bike along those roads. Well, I've always wanted to own a bike since the day I moved to Australia 14 years ago and now that dream has come true.

    I might start off with a test ride to Sugarloaf Reservoir via Eltham first. Last week I did the beach road ride from Mornington to Safety Beach which was fantastic.