Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Marlon's SR520

On Monday night my friend Marlon invited me to ride his hopped up Yamaha SR400. You might recall that alongside the Hornet I own an SR500. Marlon had an SR400, and sent it to a specialist for a performance rebuild. That was in May; he just got it back. $5000 later it came out 520cc, with a new crank, carillo rod, performance cam for a low immediate powerband, exhaust, and a keihin carb. All made to work as a unit with proper testing. The bike was dyno'd before and after, and now produces twice the horse-power, with power that comes on just above idle, with a heavy thump, a much higher redline, and a lion's snarl when you ride hard. It is an utterly new bike, quite unlike the standard SR.

Yesterday we went for a ride. Mount Macedon, Daylesford, Maldon, Castelmaine and home. In violent storms.

Looking north, atop Mount Tarrengower above Maldon, at one of the multiple storm fronts




  1. Yay! Glad to see the SR up and roaring!

  2. I live in Melbourne and want to get the same mods done to the 2015 400 can you tell me who did the work

  3. Hi Chris. Marlon did all the modifications himself aside from the engine / air system, which was done by Carl Batey in NSW. The best known SR engine builder in Victoria is Andy Brebner in Seymour. Both are members of the SR500 Club.