Thursday, October 29, 2009

A motorcycle Spurned

Some bikes are the definition of faithful. But are we in return? Were I to describe the Suzuki GR650 I'd call her that. Our relationship started casually but became ongoing when the SR500 got too much, making me late for work so often, and refusing to start as I kicked furiously. The GR has an electric start and has never let me down. Commuting every day, long rides on the weekend. Absolutely, faithfully reliable.

I thought about this on the day of our last commute. So reliable, so faithful, like a friend and lover. Not that I am faithful. I have just replaced her with a younger bike, a 600cc Hornet (or “Whorenet!” as the GR squealed).

So at 2am I finished work, mounted “Old Faithful” to ride her one last time, perhaps with tears in our eyes. I pulled onto the road...and she stalled! Then wouldn't start. I changed the plugs, push-started her. Nothing! And now a flat battery added to the problem.

So on the last night this 100% trouble-free commuter, this lady whose faithfulness I did not reward in kind, made clear to me that it was more than impersonal mechanics that made her so good in the past. She left me stranded at 2am and I had to walk home! Back to my cheap Whorenet! She hopes it makes me happy!

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