Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eildon and Friends

I usually ride alone because it's good for the soul, but today rode with friends. Because it's good for the heart. Rosy, Shaun and Luke. We did the Black Spur behind a caravan at funeral pace, which in the Spring warmth felt like the funeral of Winter. Like a mourner in a web of ambition who's glad of the death. I enjoyed it: in top gear at 40kph, 2000rpm, lulled into a dream by the gentle rocking of the corners.

At Taggerty we were swamped by a speeding club of outlaws. I couldn't see their patch clearly - I don't know if they were that hardcore, or just hoped to appear so. But I looked the copper in the eye as he sat with a useless speed camera in his hand, all of them speeding past, and the look he gave me made me fear that he would be after my little group as a compensation for his momentary impotence.

We lunched at Eildon. Later we went separate ways as I like to spend the whole day out. I made to Mansfield for a look, then Euroa, then down via Terip Terip where I took these shots.

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