Sunday, November 23, 2014

Country ride on the new Bullet

My new Bullet and I spent four hundred kilometers today on our maiden voyage into the countryside. Tonight, by the ride's end the bike had 1000km on the odometer and has completed its running in schedule. I must say, this Bullet with the UCE engine is everything I wanted. I would not desire less, nor more, power - it is spot on for feeling comfortable at the speed limit yet inclining me to slow down and enjoy the ride safely, taking in the details of the landscape. And the engine has so much character. Japanese bikes utilise horse power and revs, whereas old British motorcycles rely on torque, and this is true of the Bullet - it takes much longer to gain speed, but does not lose its speed easily, thumping away up hills with a slowing pulse but no loss of momentum. Yes, that soul-soothing thump. It is so pleasant opening the throttle up as I gently but briskly exit a corner. Everything about this bike is a delight. A wonderful motorcycle!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful bike, Matt. And it looks like it very much belongs into this scenery.