Monday, July 7, 2014

Now that's a cool Bonneville

Do you remember that Marlon bought this,

and made this?

And do you remember me mentioning it was so uncomfortable to ride that he sold it, at the very moment it reached perfection?

And how he went and bought this, because he wanted something comfortable on which to tour,

a 2012 Triumph Bonneville?

But Marlon was sad.  Because the Bonnie is in some ways ubiquitous, and he is a hipster given to customising.

So out we went for Vietnamese to contemplate the situation (contemplative dining).

And afterwards I rode his newly customised, 2012 Triumph Bonneville.

This time he got it right.  A cool bike without the arthritis and headaches.


  1. The Yammie had been so pretty. But Bonnie's bench looks much more comfy. Both are pretty, tho.

  2. The question on our collective tongue tips - does it still have the green bracket?