Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hughes Creek Road

It has been a while since I have blogged.  Sometimes I like my rides to go 'off-line', to record nothing of them so as to be more in the moment.  Of course recording them, as I have through these years, has mostly enhanced my presence in the moment.

Today I had such a wonderful revelation.  There is a road I have ridden partly, once on the GR650, and once on the Hornet.  I had never taken it its full length.  It is in my beloved "golden triangle", and is called Ponkeen Creek Road and then Hughes Creek Road.  What I have failed to experience and know all this time is that some of the most beautiful parts of the triangle have been hidden from me, waiting for that day in August when I would cruise confidently along the dirt on my W650.  What peace, and what beauty I found in this place.

There were small farms, estates, shacks, old school houses, all wrapped up in a sunny winter quietude.  I did not take many photographs - as usual I enjoyed the motion too much to stop - but these few capture something of the feel of the winding, hilly landscape and the way it invites you.

By nightfall I made it to Axedale. south of Bendigo, to meet another for dinner at a pub, and then home in the dark.


  1. I enjoy your posts and photos. It was your blog that got me started in the fun of blogging my rides. Thanks for continuing with your fine writing and photos!