Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five hours on an autumn day

Today I spent five hours unbroken on the road, in a nice loop taking in Daylesford, Maldon, and down the Burke and Wills Track.  At Clarkefield I stopped for photos.

Johann Johannsson's music has been accompanying me on my rides of late.  I can feel winter coming, and I think there's something beautifully wintry about his sounds.


  1. I never thought, a white helmet makes a dork. Any helmet no matter what make or color is a good thing!

    What do you mean in terms of cold?
    (Asks somebody who has been riding in temperatures up to minus 5C...)

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  3. (They need an edit function for incoherent text)

    Yes, my Australian definition of cold might be a little...ahem...compared to many other parts of the world!:-) I'm talking about riding in single digits and teens, Celsius.