Monday, December 24, 2012

Motorcycle accommodation, Bombala - a review

Last week Marlon and I rode north from Orbost and decided to spend the night in Bombala, which is situated on the Monaro Highway.  We were on a three day motorcycle ride.  I think our accommodation deserves a review.

Great things about the accommodation:

  • cheap
  • atmospheric 
  • motorcycle friendly 

We stayed in the Imperial Hotel.  The Imperial is owned and run by a couple who are very explicitly motorcycle friendly.  We were directed to park our bikes in a carport behind the pub, a place where we could have serviced them had we needed.

We then ordered dinner from the large, affordable menu.  I was given the choice of a side of salad...or a side of bacon (bacon lettuce, if you like).  The food was really good!

    As we ate we chatted with our hosts who were great company (Steve, the owner, to the left):

The beer flowed and it was a great evening.

Beds were $30 per night!  There were two beds per lockable room.

The next morning I took the opportunity to look around the place.  The accommodation is basic and functional - the sort of luxury you typically find at a backpackers - with the exception this was an old pub and there was a charm that came with that.  There was this art deco aesthetic hidden behind the functional old facilities: bakelite switches, a roof in the bathroom (literally bathroom - there was a room with a bath in it as an alternative to the shower cubicles) that almost suggested a dance hall, gold print on the door to the TV/reading room.

Photos courtesy of Marlon.  It could have been the set for a ghost movie.  Except that it was a warm and pleasant place at the same time.

I would very happily spend a few days at the Imperial Hotel, riding the nearby roads by day and sipping beer and chatting at night.  I recommend it as one of the best pieces of accommodation, in a great town in a great locality, that you could choose when passing through or when staying for a few days.

The Imperial Hotel: 99 Maybe Street, Bombala, phone (02) 6458 3211


  1. I would like to join this site as I am planning to put a SR500 or SR400 motor into a Royal Enfield frame. When I say that I want to join the site I do not want to have to make a Google account to do so. Is there any other ways to be a member.

    1. Hi Bob. To be honest, I have no idea as I'm not at all savvy with this technology. I don't even know how people receive updates of my blog, for example, but there is some way that people do.
      That's a really interesting project - where are you located?

  2. Hi Matt. I live on the North West Coast of Tasmania. I am a member of the Aussie Enfields Forum as bob7316. I want to own a classic brit bike and a Royal Enfield really looks the goods. The only problem according to what I read on the Royal Enfield forums is that they have an unreliable motor. I already have a SR500 motor and I would like to buy an old RE and put that motor into it. I have my eye on a couple of REs complete but with blown motors and I think that one of these will be the donor motorcycle. I restore motorcycles so I have the skills to do the conversion. I think that it would look great.