Monday, November 26, 2012

Royal Enfield on the Acheron Way

Yesterday I spent the afternoon on my Royal Enfield Bullet.  I travelled some of the best roads local to Melbourne.  This included the Kinglake National Park Road, Chum Creek Road, The Black Spur, and The Acheron Way.  These are superb paths for this motor cycle, places where I could easily choose my own (slow) pace, pleasuring  in the bass-drum beat of the single cylinder beneath me.  

The Acheron Way was a highlight.  Known to few, it was completely devoid of people, a single lane winding through a forest of giant ferns alongside a bubbling brook.  The gentle sun fell through the trees to bless me as I passed.

The Bullet was as faithful as ever.  Although it is more work to ride a vintage motorcycle than a modern one, yet paradoxically it is a relaxing pleasure that no other bike can provide.


  1. Looks like a nice ride. I guess the weather is getting warmer in your hemisphere. Here in North America it is getting cooler.

  2. Awesome Matt :-)

    How have I never heard of the Archeron Way? You could tempt me up there on the SR....