Sunday, July 8, 2012

NSW for coffee

Today was a reminder of those old epic rides which I used to do - long distances and twelve hours on the bike.  Which is fitting, as this blog turned four years old last week and it deserved an apt celebration.  Marlon and I decided to ride to New South Wales for coffee.

It was a sunny winter's day, saturating the State, as we rode it's length, in soft water colours.

At Echuca a rider in alongside us.  "He's got an old Triumph", I thought.  When I walked up to it I saw that it was a W650!  That's a convincing trick that Kawasaki played, confusing even owners of the bike!

Marlon and I sat on the banks of the Murray River and watched the life go past:

We took some back roads down to Bendigo, via Mitiamo.  The light of the closing day was wonderful.

Another Sunday well-spent!

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  1. There is nothing better than riding, when others don't ;-)
    Good for you, that you braved the cold and got rewarded with a great ride and beautiful sights.