Sunday, March 4, 2012


The 'umwelt' is the surrounding world, the environment about one. The philosopher Heidegger distinguishes three dimensions of our existence - the physical (umwelt), the social (mitwelt) and the personal (eigenwelt). Emmy van Deurzen distinguishes a fourth, the spiritual (philosophical or religious). It's interesting consider how you are in each dimension, your strengths and struggles in each, and whether in some way you struggle with that dimension as a whole.

Motorcycling is a wonderful way of being-in-the-unwelt. There's a feeling of strength, of exuberance, of joy, in being present and dynamic physically in the world through being on a motorcycle.

And so today, although I didn't have much time, yet I had to ride. My friend Rosy and I did a simple loop out to King Lake, to Healesville, and back to Melbourne.

This week I discovered this wonderful Melbourne band. Have a listen.


  1. Interesting how German words sneak their way into the English language.

    1. I guess it has a long tradition. One of the most interesting examples (thinking loosely about what we mean by 'German') is Winston Churchill's speech 'We will fight on the beaches'. Every word is anglo-saxon. Except for the last 'foreign' word: "surrender". Because that's something we don't do!