Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steiglitz, Meredith and Werribee Gorge

Today the road led west.  Soon I was on the back roads. Further on and the places became beautiful as I lost myself in the Brisbane Ranges.

It was meant to rain today. Emerging from the forest I met fields and a Sunshine Harvester, which heralded the emergence of its namesake for the rest of the day.

I made south on a wonderful road, through pine forests past reservoirs and even a giant castle. Arriving at Anakie it was time for lunch. And it was here that I had the best lunch I have ever had. A wrap, in which was sandwiched succulent steak wrapped in tasty bacon, squashed against soft chips covered in gravy! The sort of mythological food that travelers to America sometimes speak of. Just writing about makes me hungry again.

I sat and chatted to a couple of fellow bikies with big Harleys who as usual were very interested in my W650, and then I headed east up a twisting mountain road, bathed in constant light which glowed in the lush green that surrounded me.

Outside Steiglitz I visited the cemetery and explored the surroundings of the town, over old plank bridges and up dirt roads.

Steiglitz is a town that exploded in the gold rush of the 1850s. This is the town then

and this is the town now:

The odd building still stands.

From Steiglitz I rode to Meredith, and then north via Mount Egerton to Ballan, where I had early childhood holidays with my great aunt in an old haunted house. The landscape was wonderful.

From Ballan I took the Western Highway back to Melbourne, however I stopped as planned in at the Werribee Gorge National Park, one of the various places that was new to me today. The actual gorge I wanted to visit was only accessible by a committed hike on foot, so I simply toured the available roads and then made an end to the day.

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