Thursday, January 5, 2012

Marysville with Jeff

A friend Jeff came riding with me today through Kinglake, Healesville and as far as Marysville. It was a beautiful day and the green fields between Narbethong, with sunshine glittering on their ponds and damns and translucent through their grasses, reminded me of that carefree joy that riding can give.

We rode for 230 kilometers. The pain in my shoulder had decreased to an ache this last week, but today it was nothing more than a tender and discomforting tightness (with the help of Panadeine). Which is good, because there are three weekend trips I want to take in the next month or two.

My camera went flat so I took a simple picture with my old phone, of my bike in Marysville alongside Jeff's mighty Honda CBF250.

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