Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I went to Tasmania this weekend last. I did not ride, rather my wife and I flew for a brief visit to my father. He lives in Nicholls Rivullet near Cygnet, at the very south of the State. It has been four years since I last visited, and I had forgotten what the roads are like. Every road everywhere endlessly twists or sweeps. Straights are an exception. It is a wonderful place for motorcycling. Indeed there were many bikes out. I think I will go riding there this coming summer, perhaps in February.

Below are some photos and video from a Cygnet jetty. The red arrow points to my Dad's house, invisible in this photo, on a mountainside.

Yesterday we visited Bruny Island. We had planned to go there in a small motor boat on Saturday but the weather looked bad. So we went yesterday instead by ferry. The ferry kept breaking down and even crashed into the wharf. It was therefore steered and propelled by a large diesel tug boat.

Here we are on the neck of the island.

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