Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Virago mods: seat

I've been experimenting with the seat design for my Virago. You can see in my previous post that I have raised the riders seat by increasing the foam. The cover is simply taped in place while I experiment with what I want. And now I have decided. On last week's ride I really felt the need to be able to slide forward and backward to any point on the seat I want, which means I need a bench seat. The added bonus is that it gives the bike a more Brit-bike look, which actually suits my taste. 

Tonight after work I took the seat from the SR500 to see what one would look like on the Virago. See below. I will custom-make a seat so that it is longer and much flatter. Its base will be metal and strengthened so as to sit on the bike without frame supports under it.

These photos are not very good due to the light, but they give an indication.

I will remove the side panels and have flat sheet metal panels made that meet the seat and hide the messiness of the flat seat on a curved frame.

Here is an indication of the angle the seat needs to be on.

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