Friday, February 25, 2011

Riding two bikes on one day

As Marlon and I hurtled down the freeway today I looked in my rear mirror to check he was behind me, and saw nothing but white clouds of smoke coming from my bike. The engine still felt strong. I pulled into the emergency lane and left the engine running to gauge the fault. A blown head? Holed piston? Everything was wet. The liquid was clear but we quickly determined it was oil. No serious problem. I hope. Excess oil had blown out the crank case breather. It should not happen again. But in the process it covered the rear part of the bike, including the rear tyre, and also the exhaust. The smoke was the oil burning on there.

I decided I would park the bike at home for the day, and check my theory of the problem later in the week. And so, the beauty of having two bikes: Five minutes later and the Honda Hornet was ready to go.

After leaving late and limping back home on the SR, Marlon and I could not do the big ride we had planned. So we chose the default piece of pleasure: King Lake to Yea, and thereabouts.

Beyond Yea we rode to Highlands then west to Seymour, through rock and bush land. We stopped.

We spent the whole afternoon riding, and into the evening. At dusk on the outskirts of Melbourne we watched planes coming in low.

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  1. Man, you are so lucky to have a spare bike. Hope the other bike feeling unwell is just temporary though.

    Motorcycles and planes always make a great combination! Nice shots!