Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Revolutions: of the tacho....

Japanese bikes need to be revved. That's what I mean by revolutions of the tacho. I used to ride between 3000 to 4000 rpm on the SR, but I've been enjoying the range between 4000 to 6000 on the new engine. And last Friday I really took pleasure in it. The Black and Reefton Spurs, empty on a Spring day, were the perfect places for such a dance. I played my old game: I am not a fast rider, but I get into a rhythm at the speed limit and attempt to maintain that speed no matter what corner I come to. With the bike in the higher rev range there's no need to brake; I simply wind the throttle open and closed.

But I am getting ahead of myself. First of all there was a stop at Sugarloaf Reservoir, which I feature now and then on this blog. Usually with reference to what a puddle it is in this drought. Today was different!

The Reservoir is 97.7% full!

I rode on toward Healseville, and just outside the town I fell in behind a 70s Triumph Bonneville, and we pulled up beside each other at the servo. I looked the rider in the eye and smiled. He snobbed me.

I left Healesville musing on the little cliques among bike owners, and continued along the Spurs. At a quiet spot on the Warburton end of Reefton I stopped, taking photos of the bike, landscape, and sunshine all in one.

What a beautifully skinny bike. You can see its nimble potential:

The day was quiet except for the occassional fellow rider.

At this point I decided to turn about and go back to Marysville - the road was too nice on this day. Toward the end of the Reefton Spur Road proper are a series of fast sweepers intermixed with tight turns and, well, I open the bike up, raised the revs, took some risks, and had one hell of a time flicking this skinny little bike through the corners. Then I stopped to absorb some more Spring sun.

Damn it, I think I might go riding again tomorrow! Why not?

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