Monday, July 26, 2010

A Simple Matter of Lunch

Here is Marlon on our ride two days ago...

We rode via King Lake to Yea for lunch. Marlon bought me beer and calamari and whispered passionate thoughts of motorcycling in my ear. During the week he had appeared on the TV soapie Neighbours as a bikie. Two years ago he appeared on the Einstein Factor: "Marlon is an insurance salesman from Richmond in Victoria, who plays double bass and the banjo much, much worse. Martin also enjoys riding his motorbike, however admits that he spends more time underneath it fixing it than he does actually riding."

His topic was Military Small Arms of WWII, and he lost to a large man in suspenders whose topic was The Princess Diaries.

From Yea we took a simple route to Strath Creek.

From there we headed to Broadford and home down the Hume Freeway.

Riding is a wonderful activity for composing thoughts.  Which is what I did, and so spent the evening afterwards writing for another blog here.

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