Friday, June 25, 2010

Falls Road

Yesterday was one of those delicious days when you spend the morning sleeping, and the afternoon riding. Hence it was a short ride, but I explored a road which will be central to some of the unsealed farm and national park roads which I will throw myself into once the SR500 is on the road.

I took these photos on Falls Road, just south of Strath Creek. I had come by King Lake and Flowerdale, and would return to Flowerdale, then race through the seven kilometers of sweepers down the mountain into Whittlesea.

The first half of this year was so trying and stressful. And now, it seems, things have turned around. I will soon have the SR back on the road, having found the odd one or two hundred dollars spare from every pay cheque. I love my job, which is low in pay but high in meaningfulness, and in between work I ride. I look forward to sharing these rides with you.

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