Saturday, January 16, 2010

Walhalla; Benalla and Whitfield

Last Sunday I did a 400km round trip to Walhalla, with my friend Rosy who rides a Virago cruiser. We went via Yarra Junction and Noogee, stopping at Moe on the way, and returned by the same route. Walhalla is a wonderful place.

Last Friday I went on a 600km ride with no destination. I went north from King Lake to Yea, to Bonnie Doone then Benalla. Across to Whitfield and down to Mansfield, on roads which were the highlight of the ride. Taking the Black Spur home, I arrived back at 10.30pm.

The GR650 sold on Thursday. Hours before the new owner was due to pick it up, while I was checking everything was in order, I dropped it on its side! I broke a bolt and ripped a set of electrical wires in half.

I am sorry to see that bike go. For all its competence, the Hornet is too much of a sports bike for me.

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  1. The Hornet looks to be a nice ride but you have to go with what moves your soul. I have been saving for 3year for a new bike and I am still not positive on what I will get. Sometimes I think I just love to look for that perfect motorcycle.