Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kawasaki GT550

I took some photos the other night of my old Kawasaki GT550, which has been sitting beside a friend's shed for two and a half years. I loved that bike!


  1. Hi Matt. Long time no see. Dunno if you remember me but I met you in Melbourne in December 2006 when I rode my GT550 (with trailer) from Qld to attend a taping of 'Rockwiz' at the Espy. Found this page when googling GT550. Still have my old GT and have done 93000km on it now- bit smoky coz I lost an oil line which did some damage to the top end. If you would like to reply my addy is . Cheers Tony

  2. Ha, Tony! Great to hear from you! Yes, I remember meeting up. I am glad to hear you are still riding the GT. I dropped a valve trying to keep up with friends on their modern big bikes, and eventually sold it after it sat in the above condition.