Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kickstarting: sideways blow-out!

Here's a fix to an old problem.

Kicking an old big single motorcycle while wanting to remain comfortable and fashionable means sometimes you get a blow out. For a couple of months I've been wandering around with half a foot hanging out of my shoe where the side has burst after all this time kickstarting. And who wants to spend money on new shoes when you're already riding on bald tyres. I thought about cutting off the fronts and wearing them like trendy sandals, but then I'd hurt my toes on the gear shifter. So anyway, while I was halfway through fixing the problem I thought I should take a pic so that others who ride real bikes can find a fix to a common problem.

The kickstarter's problem can be dealt with by use of a simple leather sewing tool. I once bought one because I wanted to ride in safety, poor-boy style, and I used it to sew leather patches into K-Mart jeans in those places where I might otherwise get road rash in an accident.

Here I am kicking over a Norton cafe racer.  It is missing a few bits and so I will sell it for only $3000 - email me.  I am wearing my snazzy renewed leathers.

I was a bit lazy and rushed at the sides, but if I ever get a job interview I'll just put electrical tape over it to neaten it up.

So there you go: a simple solution to an old problem that's been hassling kickstarters for years! Next week, I'll show you how to glue new bristles on to your toothbrush.... In the meantime just remember that a penny saved is more fuel for the bike!

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  1. "A penny saved is more fuel for the bike!"; great statement and constructive post!!