Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ghost homes

This week I intended to explore more of the roads about Lake Eildon.  Strong winds convinced me to change my mind and stick to the forests.  And so I headed north on the old route to King Lake and then to Yea for lunch. I decided that I would either explore the roads toward Murchison again, or some dirt roads north of Yea. So I went north via Highlands, Ruffy, and on toward Longwood, except that I turned off and spent some time on a dirt road which I believed leads to Seymour.  Looking at the map it turns out that I was right, however it is a very long road, and I was running out of water on the hottest day that we have had in a long time.  I spoke to several other people who were driving through the region and who were lost and unsure of how far the road continued.  Hence I turned back at Falcon Vale Lane. It turns out I was at least halfway to the tar and would have been fine to continue.  I will return to this road. Below are some photos from the journey.

I returned the way I had come, made it to Longwood, then headed south on an old road paralleling the Hume and stopped at Avenel for coffee.

I headed north once more on back roads to Nagambie where I sat for a while by the lake.

From Nagambie I headed west into spitting distance from Heathcote and south to Lancefield. By this time it was dusk. The sky was heavy and emotional.

Riding in this area, I often come across abandoned old homes. Here is one. You can feel the ghosts of past lives still plodding about the yard, hanging out washing and riding bicycles. I stayed here for a while gazing at the house. Then rode off into the dark for another hour before reaching home.

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  1. That looks like such a pretty ride. Those dirt road shots are fantastic. Good stuff.