Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meandering through Macedon, Mitchell and Mt Alexander...

The title lists the main shires which I passed through today on a very pleasant all-day ride. The first half was with a friend Mike, who has had his 1980 SR500 since new. We rode north to Wallan, Romsey, then up the Burke and Wills Track, from Mia Mia to Sutton Grange, and then headed for Maldon but I misread the map and we ended up in Kyneton. Both of us realised early on that a turn had been missed but neither of us cared because the roads were so damn nice! Winter, blue skies and sunshine all day! There were so many things I would like to have captured on camera on the ride before lunch, but I was enjoying the flow of riding too much and decided I would return for a photography-focussed ride in a week or two. But we did stop along the Burke and Wills Track to check out what looked like a WWII memorial, and turned out to be a commemoration of the first Australian flight of the first Australian built aeroplane in a paddock within the immediate vicinity. The date: 16 July 1910...99 years ago almost to the day. Here it is, with Mike:

It is said that:
"To ride alone is good for the soul
To ride with company is good for the heart"
I always emphasise when I ride with others that we are all free to do our own thing, and after lunch Mike decided to head west and home, and I east and home. I did about 200km of back roads amidst lush winter landscapes of hilly sheep country constantly decorated by great prehistoric granite boulders.

Empty back roads and green winter countryside:

I thought I'd try adding some video:

Winter sun:

There were a lot of abandoned, and especially tumble-down, old homesteads and houses...

I would never experience these places and these days were I not a motorcylist.

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