Thursday, November 20, 2014

W650 Modifications

The W began running badly, as mentioned in a previous post. I took it to be a vacuum problem because when on Prime the plugs returned to a normal tan and everything seemed good. Then it got bad again, again with that sensation of going to reserve, even when on Prime. I cleaned the carbs out by letting cleaner sit in them for a day, and while I was draining that out I noticed that they were loose on their rubber boots. This made sense of the fact that it was at the point of highest rpm vibration - in the early 3000s - that the problem generally manifested. The boots lock into the engine by means of clamps rather than screws. I tightened the clamps, but the problem became worse, and I could manipulate its manifestation by pulling or pushing gently on the carb. Rather than mess around more, I ordered new boots and clamps, given that the bike has 80,000km on it and needs new rubber all round.

It annoys me that so much effort is needed to remove the carbs, which is necessary in order to fit the new boots. I have to take off the seat, tank, then electrics on the left side, then remove the whole air filter box, in two piece from each side. This is simple compared to most modern motorcycles, but not compared to old bikes, and I highly value simplicity and ease of maintenance. It annoyed me that I'd have to mess around more to get it back together, only at some point to pull all this apart again if further problems eventuated.

So here the bike remains:

I made a decision to sort it out first time around. I will ditch the air box, purchase K&N filters and a richer jet kit, simplify some wiring, and ditch some plumbing:

I will create something reminiscent of the simplicity of my old SR500, something akin to an XS650, which should see the bike easy to own even as the miles climb.

My old Enfield Bullet was picked up this morning by a shipping company, to begin its voyage to Perth, to its new owner. I am past the first run-in stage on my new Bullet, and can now do up to 90kph. The bike is breaking in magnificently.  I will take my first ride - to Maldon - on Sunday.


  1. Hi mate,

    I too wish to remove the air filters from my W650. Just wondering if you will relocate the battery as well or just keep as is. In any case it would be great if you covered this in some detail as I havent been able to find information on the net.



  2. Hi Mick,
    My intention is to keep the battery and its box in place, and find out on the Yahoo site which K&N fits.

  3. G'day Matt,
    I'm enjoying your blog, and especially interested in this job you're doing on your w650 as I feel that mine too is needing some carby love. Good luck and keep us updated! Pete